Someday I will cosplay maleNepeta
and I will be charming and furriendly to everybody and use cute cat puns and give out shipping stickers

male latulas floating around oops

what better way to start off a blog than rule 63 kankri

umm, usually I shipping only GAY ship….
so I have no interest of Fem Eridan and Male Sollux ship.
But I like gender Change ^.^ (maybe that’s only reason I draw the GIRL)

for my sollux
love u bby ♥

Um, I have never drawn male!Aradia, But I like him best in Genderstuck
sorry about messy pencil drawing :p
This is my Headcanon about Male Aradia

look at these nerds trying to woo the pretty lady  pfffffft nerds 
genderbend!aradia looks so creepy

Kankiri Vantas!
Im going to draw all three of the new trolls 63’d at some point..

Finished my Fem!Tavros/ Tavvy drawing c:{

Here’s a fem sol to go with the male fef I made and I’m not sure how well I did so I may be posting alternate versions, especially in the mouth area.

Ok since I got a lot of followers yesterday with my sprite posts I’d thought I’d post some more to see what happens. Here’s a male version of my patron troll. I call him Ferifs. Also will be posting my pre-scratch/mini GHB soon if anyone wants to know.

Hey you hey youDevils little sista 

Okay, I planned to never post my art here on tumblr ever again because of people reposting my fanarts.BUT EH.Id really rather not put my homestuck thingies on Deviantart heheso lets live with those problems and enjoy my lovely watermarks…though you cant see them very well LOL